“We feel that is our responsibility to make a substantial contribution to making the planet more sustainable. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with Waste2Wear to develop sportswear that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (RPET) for a better world.”

Olaf Pothoven, Director of Deventrade/Reece


How can we make the textile industry cleaner? As a company, this question occupies us on a daily basis. We can only clean up the textile industry if we produce in a more demand-driven and local manner. Another necessity is to make use of recycled and/or sustainably produced raw materials such as the 100% recycled fabrics from Waste2Wear.

Based on this body of thought, Deventrade is constantly taking new steps to produce more sustainably. The ultimate goal: fully circular production of sports brands.

Raw materials are finite. Continuing with the traditional method of production, in which raw materials (and garments) are thrown away after a single use, is out of date. The consumer is ready for a shift to a more sustainable economy and we embrace this.

The Collaboration: The trusted quality and style of Reece, but in an environmentally friendly way: that is the very first sustainable Reecycled collection from Reece.

Reecycled consists of high-quality, cool sportswear with an important addition: these sports items are made from naturally collected and recycled plastic bottles. The Reecycled collection literally means less plastic in nature or the ocean and a more planet-friendly production process. This way we share our passion for sport with the next generations. By partnering with Waste2Wear we are guaranteed complete transparency throughout the supply chain so we know exactly where the plastic bottle raw material comes from and can trace it right through to production of the finished sportswear.

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