“We want to do whatever we can to create a world that’s full of possibilities for future generations of artists to thrive. That’s why we’ve partnered with Waste2Wear – pioneers in solutions for innovative plastic recycling, using blockchain technology to deliver 100% traceable and sustainable textiles. Partnering with Waster2Wear meant we could create a product that allowed artists to create with confidence while reducing their impact on the environment.”

– Christina Yoder, Senior Global Brand Manager Liquitex.


At Liquitex, we believe in the power of artistic expression. That’s why we’re on a journey to create a better world where artists and communities can thrive: a world that gives back more than it takes, and that generates social and environmental value. We know change can be a challenge, but we’re taking immediate steps to make our vision a reality. By empowering our community, innovating our products and packaging, and integrating sustainability into our business practices, we can continue to offer the high-quality products our customers expect and collectively put a positive mark on our future. The launch of Liquitex Recycled Canvas using cloth from Waste2Wear is a major first step in delivering a product range with sustainability at its heart – a product that functions and performs the way a traditional canvas does, but with the added benefit of reducing impact on the environment. The product range features canvas cloth made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, fastened on a FSC certified frame. Ideal for acrylics or oils, it’s available in a choice of 20 stretched canvas sizes or an un-primed canvas roll.

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