Jane Goodall

“Uniforms are one of the world’s largest necessary use of fabric and it is common to produce uniforms at the lowest possible cost, not taking sustainability into consideration. However, Waste2Wear has produced the uniforms for our rangers in Tanzania that are not only environmentally friendly by removing tons of plastic trash from our landfills, but they have also a positive impact in terms of reduced carbon emissions, water wastage and energy consumption. Thanks to Waste2Wear the carbon emissions of our uniforms was reduce by 75%”

– Marjolein Lankhout, The Jane Goodall Institute


Dr. Jane Goodall went into the forest to study the remarkable lives of chimpanzees and she came out of the forest to save them. She discovered that the survival of their species was threatened by habitat destruction and illegal trafficking. Since then, she has developed a breakthrough approach to species conservation that improves the lives of people, animals, and the environment.

As a conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall believes that; ‘Everything is connected. Everyone can make a difference’. 

In 1977, she founded the Jane Goodall Institute and she has been determined to ignite positive change in the world. Since then, 3.4 million acres of habitat have been covered under conservation action plans, hundreds of chimpanzees and gorillas have been rescued and received care and over 100 communities living in or near chimpanzee habitat have been provided with sustainable livelihood projects that improve their incomes.

Challenge and Process

One of the most important pillars to sustain such an incredible initiative are the Jane Goodall Rangers, a team of brave people working for the Jane Goodall Institute, protecting the endangered chimpanzees in Gombe needed durable, weatherproof uniforms to ensure they themselves are protected from working in these habitats.

In order for the incredible rangers to carry out their important work, there was a need for durable uniforms to protect them from working in these environments.

The Process

Waste2Wear, Logonet and Repeltec have joined forces to create innovative uniforms for the rangers through the Jane Goodall Institute in Gombe. Waste2Wear and partners have been supplying these environmentally protective uniforms to the rangers since 2020.

Monique Maissan, founder and CEO of Waste2Wear has always been passionate about creating high-quality sustainable products to relieve our planet. The fabric choice was of utmost importance for these uniforms. The rangers have a very active work life submerged in nature. Their uniforms needed to be comfortable, flexible, durable, feel soft to the touch and fit well. This was achieved and the staff have reported not only how good they feel in these environmentally kind uniforms but also how proud they are to wear them.


In an environmental study, the production of these uniforms saved tens of thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and used 70% less energy, 86% less water and 75% less CO2 than producing uniforms from non-recycled fabrics.

Roots and Shoots – Jane Goodall Initiative

In order to clear the emissions from transporting these uniforms to the Jane Goodall Institute, Waste2Wear has donated to the Roots & Shoots initiative to plant trees in areas that are at risk of desertification. Over the next ten years, these trees will be monitored by members of the initiative. The trees being planted is equivalent to the removal of 2,280 Kg of CO2, this is 15 times more than the emissions caused by the transportation of the rangers uniforms to Tanzania.

There is still time to things right!

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