House of Nostalgia

Based in Helsinki

We, Elina & Pauliina, are a small independent brand that specialises in high-quality, vintage-inspired clothing. Both sublime and sustainable, our sumptuous designs are wearable day and night. We’re based in Helsinki, Finland, where we work out of our bijou palace on a bustling street at the heart of Punavuori.


Our designs and patterns are inspired by a longing for an illusive past resplendent with art, beauty and extravagant costumes. We’re nostalgic for an imagined, evanescent moment, for a fleeting, bittersweet feeling that transports us to a decadent party under the stars, to hazy summer garden day dreams, or indulgent afternoon cocktails on wisteria-shaded patios in sun-drenched climes.

We’re thinking music, literature, friends and lovers. Paper lanterns, fans and all things divine. We’re inspired by inspiration – our fascination is beauty perceived and recreated through a different lens.


Our inspirations may be fanciful, but our ethics are very serious. Sustainable materials, workers’ rights and protecting the environment are more important to us than anything else. We prioritise searching for the perfect partners and products to echo our integrity and maintain the flawless quality we expect from every creation.

Step into our curiously beautiful world for a moment. We hope you delight in what we do and take a little bit of it away with you too, if just as a sensation.

Here is more about the fabric:

Our feather light polyester fabrics are 100% recycled. We have partnered up with the Waste2Wear, who supplies high quality polyester fabrics and mixes made from recycled plastic bottles, through a transparent supply chain verified by blockchain. The plastic is sourced from compliant waste collection centres, and Waste2Wear fabrics have the same qualities as equivalent virgin polyesters. Using Waste2Wear fabrics saves 70% energy, 86% water and 75% carbon footprint compared to virgin material. 

The fabrics are made and printed in China, at factories compliant to a code of conduct set by Waste2Wear. The code has been compiled in accordance with the International Labor Organization conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention of Children’s Rights, and the Convention on the Elimination of all Types of Discrimination against Women, and aims to guarantee all employees rights and protect them against discrimination, forced labour, unsafe working conditions among others.

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