Cecilie Bahnsen

“The approach to responsibility is a personal one shaped by genuine beliefs and dreams. We
commit to working towards this vision of a virtuous world, towards a model that is true to us. Working with partners such as Waste2Wear helps us achieve these goals.”

Cecilie Bahnsen founder of the brand.


Cecilie Bahnsen is a brand that aims to create timeless garments outside of trends, outside
of a landfill, and design clothes to cherish, keep, share, to pass on.
The brand works every step of the way towards a reduced waste model with thoughtful alternatives
using recycled materials, creating clothes for all body shapes, for different ideas of femininity with
inclusivity and respect.


The fabric for some of Cecilie Bahnsen’s select designs is made from post-consumer
plastic bottles with Waste2Wear. Both brands are always looking for creative ways to be sustainable
without compromising on quality.
The collaboration is a perfect match between the brands as the fabrics provided by Waste2Wear are
beautiful, durable, and comfortable, being a perfect choice for a brand that values design and quality in
its products.

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