Alpha 96

“During our intensive search for sustainable materials for the linings in our bags, we discovered that materials can be called recycled if the non-recycled base is mixed with a minimum of 10-15% recycled material. This was not good enough for us as we want to do the best we can for the environment.  Waste2Wear is the only supplier that guarantees 100% recycled material for our bags lining. To prove this, Waste2Wear uses the award-winning RA-3 Assurance test method. In addition, Waste2Wear won the prestigious World Sustainability Award 2021 for their sustainable supply chain; indeed, a great achievement. For our brands Rise of Rosa®, Pylos59®, Cross Keys® and AroqA®, it had to be a guarantee that the percentage values of recycled materials had not been tampered with in any way. We were convinced by Waste2Wear.”

Frits Besemer, CEO & Founder Alpha 96


With having three decades of experience and expertise in the leather business, we took some time out to re-evaluate how we operate. We have now re-created the way we work and are on a mission to reuse the not infinitely available raw materials, to use them better and to leave as small a negative footprint as possible. We want to contribute to this by producing as sustainably as possible at the most competitive prices to make sustainability affordable for everyone.


We create a range of products that are not only long-lasting in both material and design but are also currently produced as sustainably as possible. This means not only that we use linings from Waste2Wear, but also that our producers are certified to the highest level. In addition, we source the leather from Leather Working Group (LWG) certified factories.  Other materials used, including glue, are water-based. By the end of 2022 the goal is to use only packaging materials that are recycled or biodegradable. We are serious about delivering the best quality leather bags in the most sustainable manner possible.

There are hardly any brands in the leather goods industry that meet such environmentally conscious criteria.  While there are indeed some excellent suppliers/brands, but they are in higher price segments. Our focus is “affordable sustainablity for all” and we believe this is where we can make the difference.

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