Costa Coffee

“This solution takes supply chain sustainability to the next level. Waste2Wear’s blockchain technology allows us to source textiles in a truly sustainable way.”

Big Potato

“We are proud of the efforts we’ve made so far to lessen our impact on the planet.”


“The OCEANTEE pioneering golf cap range has been produced by Waste2Wear using recycled ocean plastic. This amazing company addresses two issues – the staggering amount of plastic waste that is never recycled, and the world’s desire to own new clothes.”


“We are seeing more consumer demand for plastic in our products and felt an obligation to do this responsibly by using recycled plastics with Waste2Wear”

Club of Gents

“As a conscientious brand, we care about sustainability, from staff retention to supply chain efficiencies. All the measures we have implemented up to now far exceed the legal requirements, and yet we continue to do more.”


“At Joolz we want to empower the new generation of parents and their children. That’s why we want to take better care of the world by minimizing waste.”


“With our commitment to preserve the future for our kids, we feel a strong bond with Waste2Wear as our material partner by creating innovative textiles made from recycled plastics for our children backpacks”


“By working together we are able to combine comfort, design & sustainable innovation. At the same time we are happy to create beautiful garments while giving back a little love to our planet.”


“For our products, we are always looking for innovative materials that are less harmful to our planet. Waste2Wear offers us just that, including a transparent production process. All in all, we share the same values, which makes working together really pleasant.”

Fabienne Chapot

“We operate in a business with a huge imprint on our environment. We feel responsible and want to do better. We believe that even the smallest step counts, as long as there is progress.”


“We made a conscious decision to collaborate with Waste2Wear, as we share the same values and commitment towards sustainability, environmental protection and society.”

Jane Goodall

“Uniforms are one of the world’s largest necessary use of fabric and it is common to produce uniforms at the lowest possible cost, not taking sustainability into consideration. However, Waste2Wear has produced the uniforms for our rangers in Tanzania that are not only environmentally friendly by removing tons of plastic trash from our landfills, but they have also a positive impact in terms of reduced carbon emissions, water wastage and energy consumption.”

Cecilie Bahnsen

“The approach to responsibility is a personal one shaped by genuine beliefs and dreams. We
commit to working towards this vision of a virtuous world, towards a model that is true to us. Working with partners such as Waste2Wear helps us achieve these goals.”

Gym & Coffee

“We chose to partner with Waste2Wear because of their innovation in plastic recycling. We started with the ‘I used to be a fridge’ bags and chose to partner on the mens swim short range because we believe in the transparency of their blockchain.”


“We’ve searched a long time for the perfect recycled fabric for our design bean bags.
Waste2Wear had a wide range of fabrics to choose from, the fabric we chose matched our quality requirements.”

Haute Hijab

“We spent years looking for a solution that would allow us to give our customers a more sustainable chiffon option without sacrificing their quality and wearability needs.”


“For our market, polyester is by far the most commonly used raw material. That is the reason
why our product development department was keen to use RPET, made from used plastic bottles.”


“By using fabrics from recovered plastic bottles we do our share to keep the spots clean.
That’s why we partnered up with Waste2Wear”


“We were looking for a manufacturer that we could trust in social responsibility, sound business ethics and, above all, a credibly reduced impact on our environment. With Waste2Wear we believe we have found our ideal partner.”


“We believe in a fair world where we strengthen each other. By collaborating with Waste2Wear
we can both share our knowledge and increase our positive impact. Together we can create a chain of

Alpha 96

“During our intensive search for sustainable materials for the linings in our bags, we discovered that materials can be called recycled if the non-recycled base is mixed with a minimum of 10-15% recycled material. This was not good enough for us as we want to do the best we can for the environment. Waste2Wear is the only supplier that guarantees 100% recycled material for our bags lining.”

House of Nostalgia

“We, Elina & Pauliina, are a small independent brand that specialises in high-quality, vintage-inspired clothing. Both sublime and sustainable, our sumptuous designs are wearable day and night.”

Gaurav Gupta

“Let’s all pledge not to use single use plastic and instead re-use all the plastic in the world.”


“Polyconcept believes that the only future for the promotional market is to become sustainable. And that’s why they’ve partnered up with Waste2Wear, as we share the same sustainability vision and goals.”


“Starboard strives to not only BE the best in the world but also the best FOR the world.
Together with customers and partners, Starboard engages at any level possible to protect the fragility of our Oceans.”


“We want to do whatever we can to create a world that’s full of possibilities for future generations of artists to thrive. That’s why we’ve partnered with Waste2Wear – pioneers in solutions for innovative plastic recycling, using blockchain technology to deliver 100% traceable and sustainable textiles.”


“We feel that is our responsibility to make a substantial contribution to making the planet more sustainable. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with Waste2Wear to develop sportswear that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (RPET) for a better world.”


“The team at RECARO has the important job of developing and creating safe, innovative and comfortable child car seats for babies and children. We were delighted to pursue our sustainable goals with durable and environmentally friendly fabrics from Waste2Wear, knowing that every meter of fabric used, prevents plastic bottles from ending up in our environment.”

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