Zero Point Million

“We care about this planet too – so we’re using sustainable, recyclable materials and turning literal waste into stylish waist wear” Wayne Rowley, Brand Development Strategist at Zero Point Million

About Zero Point Million

A fashion first, a movement that uniquely celebrates, sustainability, textiles, design, music, art, inclusivity and customization. 

The first of its kind, Zero Point Million’s ‘Half Belt’ is a new unique fashion/garment accessory that allows every wear to express individuality and tell its own story. With a focused confidence of ‘One Off Culture’ this off the grid movement is a proud fashion first, it’s all about the way the customer wears it!

Each half-belt is handmade, manufactured from plastic bottles that are polluting oceans and rivers: a 100% sustainable fabric. 


The Collaboration

The concept is super simple.

It’s trim for consumer’s outfit and half a belt. Zero Point Million believes consumer’s style should be as individual as they are.

With straps created exclusively from recycled and waste material from Waste2Wear, flippable fashion now has a social conscience.


Can’t wait to get yours?

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