“With our commitment to preserve the future for our kids, we feel a strong bond with Waste2Wear as our material partner by creating innovative textiles made from recycled plastics for our children backpacks”

– Ramon van Dongen, Sales Director VADOBAG

The collaboration

As a family-owned company with a long history we mainly focus on the youth. Our children have the future and to achieve that future we need to take care of our environment now! Together with, for example Disney, VADOBAG has been developing new backpack collections for over decades. Mickey & Minnie Mouse are the leading propertys in which our children are interested. This makes the ultimate combination between Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Waste2Wear.

Do you want
to contribute to
a better future?

It’s in the DNA of the VADOBAG team to innovate and seize new opportunities. And it is up to you to explore good product. By using recycled Waste2Wear material for our back packs we use 70% less energy, 75% less CO2  and 86% less water!


Bags for life with love

Vadobag Europe B.V and it’s dedicated team of designers and stylists assist brands and company’s in creating collections that perfectly fit your company’s vision and wishes, offering beautiful bag collections, extensive private label opportunities and a portfolio with the most popular licenses and exclusive brands.

Have a look at the product by clicking the pictures below!