“It all came together by the vision of bringing innovation, quality and inspiration to the world of wind, water and waves.”

– Svein Rasmussen, Chief Innovator or Starboard

The collaboration

Starboard and waste2Wear aim to protect our planet and limit our impact as much as possible through every touchpoint of our business.

We are proud to be working together as Waste2Wear has transformed trash into something Starboard can readily use. Furthermore, we can directly see how trash can be made into extremely useful fabrics that would have otherwise strained the resources of the planet.

Collecting trash
as source for new
valuable product

For each board produced, the Starboard Plastic Offset Team collects 1.4 kg of plastic trash from beaches. It is sad to notice that the biggest part of the trash collected from cleanups are plastic bottles. At this moment in time, the bottles for Waste2Wear are not yet coming from our own cleanups, but from clean-ups in China, recovering at least 10 waste bottles per meter fabric used!

Waste2Wear X
Starboard =
Sustainable boardbags

About Starboard

Starboard strives to not only BE the best in the world but also the best FOR the world.

Together with customers and partners, Starboard engages at any level possible to protect the fragility of our Oceans. Making the best watersports gear backed by endless world titles and product awards, the Tiki brand with roots in New Caledonia, Norway and Thailand firmly remain the premium brand in windsurfing and paddle boarding already for two decades.

RE-cover board bags

The ultra-light Re-cover bags are designed to minimise weight yet maximise comfort and strength, resulting in the very best backpack carrying experience. Utilizing “Rip Stop” technology to further strengthen the solid 450D Waste2Wear®material, we created an amazing strong and light combo. The collection is available in stores and through the Starboard website.

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