“By working together we are able to combine comfort, design & sustainable innovation. At the same time we are happy to create beautiful garments while giving back a little love to our planet.”

– Brecht (Head of Product, Oilily)

About Oilily

Curious, playful and confident

Oilily draws women and kids into a world that’s culturally curious, playful and glowing with confidence & unique style. Pragmatic easy-wear, easy-care designs and materials that don’t compromise on style, colour or the trademark of Oilily. The fact that we can do so in an environmentally sound way really adds value to our lives and the market.

The Collaboration

Stimulating fun & creating awareness

What we create together is bright and colorful, it stimulates fun and allows us to show true colors. For any brand, but especially for one like OILILY that is so closely linked to kids and the future, there is no better way to create awareness.

Cleaning The Oceans

Special attention to inspiring labeling

Specially developed hangtags are visualizing the importance of clean oceans and environment in a kids comic strip. The care label is showing the amount of waste bottles which are used to make the garment, including a QR code showing the kids movie, explaining the recycle process from plastic bottle to final product.

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