“We believe in a fair world where we strengthen each other. By collaborating with Waste2Wear we can both share our knowledge and increase our positive impact. Together we can create a chain of empowerment.”

– Marja Baas (Founder & Director of MYoMY)

The collaboration

From Waste2Wear to MYoMY designer bag

With the MYoMY’s brand new MY CIRCLE BAG collection we clean up our world in style!  The bags are light, sporty and practical on the go must-haves, in a high-quality Waste2Wear®canvas made from discarded plastic waste bottles. Per bag we are happy cleaners of 6, up to 36 waste bottles. Until now we saved 224.760 bottles from landfill!

Ethical design +
circular materials =
future proof

MYoMY and Waste2Wear have joined forces with the aim of sharing knowledge and making a greater positive impact together. The collection shows that ethical design and circular materials go together beautifully in a transparent and circular way, with the result that for every meter of fabric 22 bottles are taken away from nature and can no longer harm the environment.

About MYoMY


Since 2007, MYoMY fuses ethics and aesthetics into sustainable leather design bags and accessories. Fairtrade and timeless collections made to empower entrepreneurs and artisans in Bangladesh and India. Iconic design with a mission to do good.


We are proud at the positive impact of our collaboration

With the use of Waste2Wear®fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, instead of using virgin polyester we need 70% less energy, 75% less CO2 and 86% less water. We show the complete savings of our collaboration in the official Waste2Wear®Environmental Impact Certification for Myomy:

Together we continuously strive for positive impact on the planet and the communities in which we operate.

Within the MYoMY collection you will not only find the Waste2Wear®fabrics throughout the new MY CIRCLE BAG series, also some great bestsellers out the MEN’s collection will be available in 100% regenerated polyester fabric and all  bags are lined with a special developed signature printed lining, made from plastic waste bottles.

Have a look at the product by clicking the pictures below!