Amsterdam’s Moyee Coffee keeps innovating, this time with a radically sustainable unisex hoodie made entirely from recycled plastic.

Working with textile pioneer Waste2Wear, each limited-edition hoodie was created using yarns extracted from 16 post-consumer plastic bottles. Naturally, these super soft and super sustainable hoodies come in Moyee’s signature pink.

The Collaboration

Over the years Moyee has actively sought out collaborations to push its sustainable and social agenda. “We are continuously looking for new and unorthodox ways to get our impact message out there,” says Moyee founder, Guido van Staveren van Dijk: “One way of doing that is by only partnering with companies that share our story proving values. Waste2Wear is definitely one of them.” 

The limited-edition Moyee x Waste2Wear hoodies are totally sustainable and ridiculously soft. But what excites Moyee most is the blockchain technology behind each hoodie. Scan the QR code on the inside label to see where the plastic bottles were collected, how many bottles were used and how much energy, water and CO2 were saved. The code also links to a ‘how it’s made’ video. 

Nearly 50% of all sustainability claims are fake, and the blockchain is the best way to combat that,” says van Dijk. “By embracing the blockchain for all our activities, including cool merchandise like hoodies, we’re proving we have nothing to hide.”

To purchase a Moyee x Waste2Wear hoodie or find out more about both company’s blockchain activities, click here.

About Moyee

Moyee has been reimagining the coffee industry since 2012. By roasting in countries of origin, Moyee is helping farmers and roasters in Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia reclaim their rightful position as equal partners in the global coffee chain. Roasting in countries of origin creates more jobs, empowers youth and women, leads to greater forest protection and puts coffee-growing communities on the positive path to living income. Find out more about how Moyee is acting as a catalyst for positive change at


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