At Joolz we want to empower the new generation of parents and their children. That’s why we want to take better care of the world by minimizing waste. We develop strollers using fabric made from between 35-50 recycled plastic bottles per stroller with Waste2Wear.” 

Irene Muller, Marketing Director of Joolz.

About Joolz

Joolz is a collective of people with one common belief. They want to empower the new generation of parents and give them the confidence and space to enjoy parenting their way. Joolz strives to give greater meaning to everything we do, which is why they design-conscious strollers and accessories to help parents ride life their way. Joolz’s designers use sustainable, organic, and durable materials, and craft everything, right down to the smallest details. All their strollers are safe and stylish. And of course, they provide a level of comfort that fits perfectly around your baby’s needs.

Joolz works on different initiatives to build a brighter future for the generations to come. From recycled fabrics and reusable packaging to the sustainable Amsterdam headquarters, which is housed in a renovated factory with greenhouses and energy-neutral solutions.  

  • Joolz’s lifetime warranty is timeless, just like their products, and for every stroller we sell, they plant a tree in the Joolz Birth forest.

The collaboration

Companies can have a positive impact on our global environment. 

That is why they incorporate sustainable fabrics in our new look Classic blue, this look is available for the Joolz Day³, Joolz Geo², and Joolz Hub. The Classic blue fabrics are made of recycled plastic bottles.

To make this happen, Waste2Wear and Joolz teamed up together. Waste2Wear provides strong, safe, and durable fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. The collection includes fabric made from the Waste2Wear Ocean Plastic Project. These post-consumer plastic bottles are retrieved from the coastal areas before they disappear into the oceans. Through an environmentally friendly process of sorting, cleaning, spinning, and weaving new strong material is specially created by Waste2Wear for Joolz’s pushchairs.