Haute Hijab

Polyester chiffon is a go-to fabric for our customers. It is durable and machine washable which makes it perfect for hijab. Although most of our polyester chiffon came from dead stock in an effort to reduce waste, we spent years looking for a solution that would allow us to give our customers an even more sustainable chiffon option without sacrificing their quality and wearability needs. Partnering with Waste2Wear allows us to bring our customers that same favorite product while reducing how many plastic bottles make it into landfills.

From performance hijabs to sustainable innovations, Haute Hijab and Waste2Wear are obsessed with fusing design, style, and technology into the perfect hijab for every occasion in a Muslim woman’s life. In this collaboration, we are determined to make the hijabs our clients always wished they had – or the ones they never imagined possible such as the soft chiffon hijabs made from recycled polyester out of plastic bottles by Waste2Wear.