Fabienne Chapot

“We operate in a business with a huge imprint on our environment. We feel responsible and want to do better. We believe that even the smallest step counts, as long as there is progress.”

– Fabienne Chapot, founder of the brand

About Fabienne Chapot

We are here to brighten up wardrobes!

We are Fabienne Chapot, a fashion brand born and raised in Amsterdam. We favour in-house designed prints, rich colours, feminine tailoring and quirky details. We have a soft spot for good stories and a positive approach. We believe in female  empowerment!

We trust
our intuition
and dare to dream big

The collaboration

Started from a bottle

We constantly develop new optics and handfeels of our fabrics. The majority of our polyester items are made of ‘RPET’, made from recycled PET bottles. RPET fabrics, compared with regular polyester fabrics, have a 70% lower energy consumption, 86% lower water consumption and a 75% lower carbon footprint. We are happy to collaborate with Waste2wear, proven experts in the field of innovative luxury fabrics made from recycled plastics.

We rethink
the way we consume

We support the rental movement,

We partner with Spinning Closet, a designer fashion rental service, to facilitate the woman that would love to wear our items but prefer not to own them. Click for more inspiration or link to the Fabienne Chapot E-store