“As a conscientious brand, we care about sustainability, from staff retention to supply chain efficiencies. All the measures we have implemented up to now far exceed the legal requirements, and yet we continue to do more. Our latest collection of jackets, t-shirts and swimming trunks are made from the finest quality fabrics created out of recycled plastic bottles by Waste2Wear and verified by their award winning transparent supply chain blockchain.”

Ralf Klute

Division Head, CG – CLUB of GENTS 


CG – CLUB of GENTS is a German manufacturer for menswear. In addition to its focus on suits and occasion wear, the brand also offers trousers, waistcoats, jackets, jersey, knitwear, denim and accessories to its open-minded and fashion-conscious customers. CG – CLUB of GENTS moves in a lifestyle of freedom. Inspiration comes from the music scene and from all people who enrich the fashion world with their diverse styles. Innovative design and high-quality products are the brand’s trademarks.


CG – CLUB of GENTS is always looking to do things better, especially when it comes to the environment. As fashion and fabric experts, we knew that recycled polyester (RPET) looks and performs the same, if not better than less environmentally friendly non-recycled fabrics. We chose to work with Waste2Wear as they are a pioneer in this industry and we value their experience, expertise and industry awards.


At CLUB of GENTS we are always looking to do things better and smarter without compromising on quality. We have partnerered up with Waste2Wear to introduce a Spring/Summer 2022 collection of jackets, T-shirts and swimming trunks all made from recycled fabrics. Each product carries a QR code that tells the story of the product from bottle collection to finished item. We’ve even included a ‘how it’s made’ video. We are proud to be making the finest quality fashion items from discarded plastic bottles and giving a new life to waste. With this collaboration, our brand takes another step towards sustainable and ecological fashion.

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