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About Big Potato

Started in 2014 by three friends who met in the advertising industry, Big Potato now designs, manufactures and distributes over 25 games in 26 different countries. After creating the new label, MOOP (made of ocean plastic), Big Potato Games are actively removing plastic pollution in the ocean and reducing the plastic problem.


Under the new label MOOP which stands for Made of Ocean Plastic – Big Potato is setting out to champion the use of recycled ocean plastic across the toy and games industry. In collaboration with Waste2Wear it took the East London based game publisher over 16 months of R&D to get their first product ready for the market – a deck of premium playing cards available now on Amazon. 

The Challenge

Dean Tempest, Founder of Big Potato said: “Recycled ocean plastic costs more to produce than virgin plastic due to the labour and recycling steps involved. We are determined to make a positive environmental impact, so we worked with Waste2Wear to create the world’s first recycled ocean plastic playing cards. We make a lot of games, with a lot of cards, so a deck of playing cards seemed like a nice simple way to perfect how to work with the material. We’re over the moon with the final product and see it as a literal ‘game changer’.”

The Process

Big Potato has ambitious plans for MOOP and are keen to collaborate with toy and game companies who want to learn how to incorporate Waste2Wear recycled ocean plastic into their products.  For the last two years Big Potato have been on a sustainability drive across the business – by the end of 2021 over 60% of their games will be plastic free, and the company is now planting a tree for every game sold through their website.

The Result

Their first product is a waterproof, durable set of premium playing cards made from 100% recycled plastic, featuring 30% recycled ocean plastic – equivalent to 2 ½ bottles removed from the sea.  The interactive QR code in every back, powered by Waste2Wear’s blockchain technology shows the geographic location where the plastic was collected and a how it’s made video.

Monique Maissan, CEO of Waste2Wear said: “We are proud to be the first in the world to create these recycled plastic playing cards with Big Potato. Ocean plastic is a huge environmental problem that we have been tackling since 2018 in conjunction with local governments, Universities and NGOs in China. This is an exciting new development. Every bottle not ending up in the ocean is helping to keep our environment healthy.”

Tempest continues: “We’re by no means perfect, but we are proud of the efforts we’ve made so far to lessen our impact on the planet. And with MOOP, we’re going one step further and actively removing discarded waste from the ocean, turning something harmful into something playful, useful and long-lasting.”

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