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Waste2Wear offers a unique circular economy solution which uses blockchain technology to show the exact origin of the waste used in the creation of these textiles. This drives transparency right through the value chain, ultimately helping our customers to become more sustainable in their marketing activities.

John Pollock, ASL’s Global Sales Director

About ASL

ASL Global are the true leaders in delivering cutting edge marketing procurement services and have long believed that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. They’ve made it their mission to reduce their environmental impact through product & process innovation. Their global team have a genuine passion for being better every day, for supporting their colleagues, business partners and delivering to their clients. 


Producing promotional goods from recycled plastics can cost more than buying the virgin alternative but with their values in the right place, ASL has been able to educate their customers about the merits of choosing the sustainable option through Waste2Wear. Together they deliver top quality goods for large multinational customers including Mars.


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