ASL – Costa Coffee

This solution takes supply chain sustainability to the next level. Waste2Wear’s blockchain technology allows us to source textiles in a truly sustainable way. Simply by scanning the QR code, consumers can discover the ‘story’ of the product they are about to purchase. Making this journey so transparent allows brands like Costa Coffee show that their merchandise is sustainably sourced.

Melanie Damonte, ASL Innov8 Beauty – Creative Director

About ASL

ASL Global is a leading global marketing services business whose mission is to execute innovative, disruptive global marketing campaigns with passion, expertise & integrity. They work with the world’s biggest brands to create and execute innovative marketing campaigns which excite audiences and build customer loyalty. They operate in 51 countries across six continents combining local knowledge with sector expertise to deliver exceptional outsourced marketing communications, transactional services and global brand programs to clients in 150+ markets worldwide. 

The Collaboration

Acting with passion and integrity, Waste2Wear and ASL Global work with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders such as Costa Coffee to make a positive contribution to social responsibility and environmental sustainability in communities around the world.


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