For over 60 years, family-owned Amway has been helping people live better, healthier lives by delivering the highest quality health, beauty and home products. By empowering their international network of more than 1 million small business owners in over 100 countries, their success is Amway’s success. It’s a simple system with a 60+ year positive track record. Amway facilitates their team to have their own businesses in order to live better. In order to stay on top of their game, they constantly challenge themselves to deliver the newest and best products. It is a path to financial freedom and Amway believes in quality products enhancing personal quality time. 

Amway has a strong CSR program that includes exceptional health products tackling mal-nutrition, commitment to reduce water usage and waste production while increasing the use of renewable energy. They also have strong volunteering programs and donate substantially to a variety of charities. In this vein, Amway is celebrating World Environment Day on Sunday 5th June by launching an innovative sustainably sourced premium

The Collaboration

By partnering with ASL Global and Waste2Wear, Amway created a Recycled Outdoor Bag made entirely from 100% recycled plastic bottles. In fact, each waterproof, strong and durable bag is made from precisely 5 recycled plastic bottles. 

To prove the provenance of the waste plastic, a QR code is on the hangtag. Once scanned, this tag tells the entire journey of the award-winning sustainable supply chain. Photos of each stage of production with corresponding unique blockchain sequence numbers, trace the production from bottles, flakes, pellets, yarns, fabrics to bags. No other company in the world provides such transparent evidence of their recycling. Waste2Wear is proud that all their supply chain partners are Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified and the fabrics themselves are uniquely RPET RA-3 verified. This ensures that all the bags are indeed made from recycled plastic bottles. 

The Outcome

Waste2Wear is on a mission to combat the plastic waste in the world, one piece of plastic at a time. The production of these bags have made a significant environmental impact. What otherwise would have ended up on a landfill is carefully turned into precious, hard-wearing and long lasting bags. Waste2Wear believes in transparency so every step in the production of these bags is open for inspection. This is communicated via a QR code on a hangtag on every bag. In total, 328,450 plastic bottles have been saved from ending up in landfills or our oceans. Not only that, the production method saved 273,271 liters of water from being used and 294,292 watts of energy. This is enough energy to light 175 x 60 watt light bulbs continuously for an entire year. All of this information, and more can be found on the Recycled Amway Outdoor bag. They even show a video of how it’s made to really bring the production to life. 

This bag is available to all Amway Business Owner who order XX cases of Nutrilite. The bags are ideal for your summer needs such as carrying wet beach and pool clothes. The roll-top clasp ensures that wet things don’t mix with precious drys. The best part is knowing that these bags have been produced sustainably with our precious earth in mind. There is only one earth and Amway is determined to protect it. 



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