“For our products, we are always looking for innovative materials that are less harmful to our planet. Waste2Wear offers us just that, including a transparent production process. All in all, we share the same values, which makes working together really pleasant.”

– John Vank, Creative of A-dam Underwear

About A-dam

About A-dam

A-dam is a brand for people with character, who do what they love and make the most of every day. The founders share their positive outlook on life by creating colorful, well-designed collections of boxer briefs, socks, activewear and swimwear.

A-dam not only makes humans look irresistible but also takes care of the planet they walk on.


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Started from a bottle, now we are here!

These activewear sets are a result of recycling a total of 20 plastic bottles, so you can look good and feel good knowing that with each purchase you are making a difference! They come in a variety of colors and prints and are preventing plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and are giving them a new life!

By using Waste2Wear material, these sets used;

  • 70% less Energy
  • 75% less CO2
  • 80% less Water

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Easy care, Easy wear

These swim shorts clean oceans

A-dam and Waste2Wear have jointly endeavored to create one of the most sustainable lines of swim shorts on the planet. Made from 100% recycled polyester bottles. Each pair of swim shorts gives as many as 8 bottles of new life. About 30% is retrieved from the oceans.

In addition, every pair of shorts comes with a water-repellent travel bag which is made of 3 recycled bottles.

The shorts dry very quickly as a result of our water repellent finish. A little pocket-in-your pocket has a zipper so you can keep your treasures safe while having a good swim in the ocean. An ultra-soft, light and luxurious inner mesh keeps everything together and doesn’t itch.

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