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A Positive Environmental Impact

We create a positive environmental impact by applying circular economy solutions to reducing plastic waste. Sustainability can no longer be ignored. Our goal is to replace all virgin polyester in fabrics with recycled qualities. 

We are the only company making 100% recycled polypropylene bags and packaging from end of life domestic appliances and single use plastic food containers. We provide a responsible, traceable and measurable value chain through our award-winning sustainable blockchain. This is only possible with our impeccable (quality control) QC team managing our network of reliable suppliers and partners.

Award-Winning Products

RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) from pre-landfill and pre-ocean plastic bottles that we turn into yarn, fabrics, bags, garments, upholstery, plush toys, underfloors and more.

RPP (recycled polypropylene) from end of life domestic appliances and single use food containers that we turn into yarn, fabrics and finished products.

Award-Winning Services

Blockchain:  Our award winning blockchain is a tamper-proof supply chain traceability system using technology that records all the steps of the recycling and production process from plastic waste to product)

RPET Recycling Assurance Test (RA-3) is an award-winning, patent-pending RPET testing method developed by Waste2Wear and validated by the esteemed testing and consulting company WESSLING that identifies recycled plastic bottle content in yarns and fabrics.



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