About us

Waste2Wear: Green at its core and innovation in its DNA


Waste2Wear was founded in 2007 by textile engineer Monique Maissan. Being concerned about the environmental impact of the textile industry, she fine-tuned the technology to make polyester fabrics out of post-consumer PET bottles. Today, Monique and her team have proven themselves as pioneers in sustainable textiles and made Waste2Wear a frontrunner in the industry.


We like to
challenge the fashion
and textile industry

While the fashion industry is finally moving towards sustainability, our track record shows we are green at our core and innovation is in our DNA. Ever since Waste2Wear was founded, it challenged the fashion and textile industry to be a force for good. By applying circular economy solutions and a clear focus on reducing plastic waste, we bring a positive environmental impact. Believing ‘a force for good’ goes beyond addressing environmental impact, we’ve set up several programs, like the Waste2Wear Ocean Plastics Project.

Transparency is key

Today, Waste2Wear aims to take the transparency of its value chain to the next level. We’re the only supplier in the textile industry offering innovative textiles made from post-consumer plastics, that are fully certified and traceable using blockchain technology.

Let's replace
all virgin polyester
in fabrics
with recycled PET

In the first ten years we’ve set the standard in recycling plastic waste into fashion fabrics.

With this experience, we are now entering other industries like interior design and construction.In the next ten years, wherein sustainability can no longer be ignored, Waste2Wear’s goal is to replace all virgin polyester in fabrics with recycled qualities within a responsible, traceable and measurable value chain. We are able to do this because of our trusted network of knowledge partners and reliable suppliers, including a dynamic circle of waste collectors, NGO’s, governments and many more; together we call it our WE-CO SYSTEM.

Waste2Wear has 80 employees, covering almost 20 nationalities and working in more than nine countries around the world.


Ready for the next step in boosting your sustainability performance? Reach out to us and let’s reduce plastic waste together.