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Do you want to accelerate your brand’s journey to circularity?
Responsible, traceable and measurable.

We supply innovative textiles made from recycled plastics traced with blockchain technology. The Waste2Wear® blockchain system provides indisputable evidence that Waste2Wear® fabrics are really made from plastic waste, and that no subcontracting is taking place. All products are supplied with an environmental impact report.

By scanning a QR code on the final product, the end consumers can see the story as well. Try for your self to scan the code for this bag!





Ensure that all your polyester textiles are as environmentally friendly as possible

Our entire supply chain, from bottles to finished products, is certified to the highest standards. We offer full transparency and traceability for both brands and end consumers.

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Collaborating with our partners is crucial to create new solutions

Increase your positive impact and take concrete steps towards circularity by co-creating tailor-made sustainable textiles made from recycled polyester and connect with our network.

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Prove the legitimacy of your RPET fabrics!

  • It is estimated that more than 50% of what is marked and sold as RPET is made from virgin polyester
  • With sustainability and transparency becoming essential to businesses and consumers, it is necessary to stop fake RPET entering the market 
  • With the RA-3 test it can be proved with 100% certainty if a sample is made from recycled plastic bottles
  • A sample which is tested and receive a 3rd party verification by German certification WESSLING is 100% safe to market and sell as RPET

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Environmental and social impact

Making the world a better place goes beyond recycling and environmental impact, it is equally about improving people’s lives. Our projects aim to provide people with confidence in learning news skills. Together with our partners, we seek opportunities to create jobs that make people financially more robust and independent.

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Waste2Wear is the first company in the world to make fully certified fabrics from post-consumer recycled polypropylene (RPP). Our RPP fabrics are certified by GRS, perfectly suitable for durable shopping bags and reusable packaging. Your home appliances no longer need to die in the landfill. Read more about it.

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Waste2Wear Marketing Services

Now offering additional services

Having worked with the recycled products for many years, we understand that our customers have needs in addition to our standard offering, such as 3rdparty verification of our RPET products, transparent supply chain to the final product also when Waste2Wear is only delivering the fabric, and brand adapted marketing.


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Know-how around recycling is constantly evolving

We’ve built up a wealth of knowledge on recycling plastic waste. Coming from practical experience, investing in our R&D lab and through collaborations with respected international universities, we collected many important insights. Taking on plastic waste starts with the right information and we love sharing that with you.

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Waste2Wear Wins Sustainable Business Award

Collaboration between Waste2Wear and ZURITA encourages smart sustainable consumption where high quality and versatile clothing leads to enduring wardrobe choices.

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