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Do you want to simplify your brand’s journey to circularity?
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We supply innovative textiles made from recycled plastics with blockchain technology. The Waste2Wear® blockchain system provides indisputable evidence that Waste2Wear® fabrics are really made from plastic waste.




Become part of our transparent value chain, from plastic waste to the final textile product

With certifications and full traceability of our innovative fabrics backed by blockchain technology, we boost your brand’s sustainability targets.

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Over 50 % of all fibers used for textiles are made from non-renewable fossil fuels

This needs to stop now!
Let’s take care of our planet together by using recycled polyester fabrics made from post-consumer plastic waste. This way you directly contribute to a cleaner world. Explore the opportunities for your supply chain.

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Innovation and
co-creation are key
to develop textiles
for circularity

Collaborating with our partners is crucial to create new solutions

Increase your positive impact and take concrete steps towards circularity by co-creating tailor-made sustainable textiles made from recycled polyester and connect with our network.

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Ready for the next step in boosting your sustainability performance? Reach out to us and let’s create solutions to take on plastic waste!

Environmental and social impact

Making the world a better place goes beyond recycling and environmental impact, it is equally about improving people’s lives. Our projects aim to provide people with confidence in learning news skills. Together with our partners, we seek opportunities to create jobs that make people financially more robust and independent. Read more about our Ocean Plastic Project.

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Know-how around recycling is constantly evolving

We’ve built up a wealth of knowledge on recycling plastic waste. Coming from practical experience, investing in our R&D lab and through collaborations with respected international universities, we collected many important insights. Taking on plastic waste starts with the right information and we love sharing that with you.

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Waste2Wear utilises its complete value chain to increase supply of protective masks and protection wear

Since the COVID19 outbreak, the Waste2Wear organization has dedicated it’s time and efforts to develop Protective Equipment for medical use. They were able to lean on Waste2Wear’s know-how of the textile business, and a widespread network of reliable suppliers and factories with whom they have long-term relationships. After shipping to Europe they are now sending three regular shipments per week to USA.

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